Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Records speak for themselves

Peter king, the Congressman that heads up the Homeland Security Committee, is preparing for hearings to evaluate the threat and security risk presented by the American Muslim community. Seems prudent as Muslims seem to be the only folks blowing themselves up the world over on a daily basis to kill, maim and scare. Muslims from many places around the world hate America and have acted to kill us and would act again if given the chance. Seems like there are innumerable data points to suggest that King’s efforts are prudent. That doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists. Rather it means that there are enough data points to evaluate the risk posed by the community.

Then I read the WSJ story about this issue. According to the report the Obama administration’s deputy national security adviser apparently attacked Congressman King’s hearings stating to a group of Muslims “…and let’s remember that just as violence and extremism are not unique to any faith…” That’s true but there is overwhelming information that there are radical Muslims in every corner of the globe willing to take on and/or take out the Judeo-Christian heritage. I’m a student of history and I’m not a fan of Political Correctness. Let the records of the past 10 years speak for themselves. Records record. Evidence Provides. Political Correctness denies.

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