Friday, February 11, 2011

Plan, anticipate and deal now.

My mantra for every new technology used in the business context is that there will be employees that misuse the technology or otherwise create liability or a major headache or both. Years ago I wrote about an employee who used the company email system to rank on his employer, more specifically his boss. For his efforts the guy was fired. Thereafter the fired employee sued. Because the business was unionized the union argued that the employees bashing was “protected” within the meaning of the labor relations laws. The employee won and the company had to reinstate the fired employee.

Fast forward to today. Imagine an employee bashing his boss on FaceBook or some other social networking site. Imagine no more. The case has already happened and the guy got canned for doing the same thing.

Well, taking the conversation out of the union context for a moment. Before every new technology is allowed at work, policy should already be in place to regulate the employees conduct. If you don’t address it upfront, I am sure you will be force fed the failure not too far down the road.

Plan, anticipate and deal now. Issues of information control, proper use of company technology, location of company records, and now third party technology are the issues of the day. Deal now before you learn the hard way.

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