Friday, February 25, 2011

Let Employees Park Their Data Where They Want?

Face it, employees don’t really care about records management. They believe it is somebody else’s problem. After all, it isn’t in their job description and it doesn’t make money - right?

The saying, “don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole” holds true when trying to park or store corporate information. Employees want the flexibility and user interface that SharePoint offers, so why fight it? Forcing employees into a rigid, non-friendly records management storage environment will only cause them to squirrel away data into their own storage environments such as hard drives, removable media, home PCs, etc. Let them use SharePoint if they want to - just get the right governance and controls in place behind the scene, upfront. It is better to give employees the environment they want, and are willing to use, then to force them to go underground with their data. Records management governance can be practically transparent to the end user in SharePoint, if done correctly. The employee gets the environment they want and the corporation gets the governance they want. Both win!

Brightstarr has partnered with Kahn Consulting, an industry leader in information management, to aid corporations in the use of SharePoint as their records management tool of choice. Let us help you manage your SharePoint environment to meet compliance requirements and give your employees an environment they love to work in.

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TJo said...

Okay. Lead me to more information on how you can help a small organization that grapples with the governance term or even considers the importance before building sites and applications.

In my day job, I support a hosted, managed SharePoint environment for a small Canadian organization.

Grammatical correction: Instead of "then to force...", should that be "THAN to force..."?