Thursday, February 17, 2011

Information Flows

Information flows. Sometimes really fast. Sometimes it causes waves that are unintended and even seriously problematic. For example, email was never intended to be the business medium of choice for all business for all reasons. I’m sure no one ever thought that secret email communiqu├ęs from Arabian leaders supporting the US taking military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities would be disclosed. Wikileaks has made many government officials blush about many secrets sent in email form. Thus there is fall out. Ok, Enough of that.

I came up with a really great idea. Tell me what you think. I was going to advance an idea that changes the world with Twitter or FaceBook or any of the social networking sites. I was going to call it “Social Networking Overthrowing Totalitarianism” or “SNOT” for short. That way a few people in lands where leaders are not democratically elected can overthrow the bums. But wait, is the whole world ready for democracy? Do they really aspire for that type of freedom? Is the guy that stepped down actually a bum? Maybe he is way better than what will be coming. Overthrowing a “life-long” president, for example, doesn’t mean that democracy rings out all over.

Recently we failed to support our friend in Egypt and due to pressure “from the street” he was forced to step down. Remember he was our friend for years. We gave him billions of dollars in military support and some of our military technology. Now Egypt has the military running the show. A step forward?

When or if they have an election in Egypt, what if the Muslim Brotherhood is elected “fair and square?” What if another terrorist organization uses the democratic process to gain power so they could impose Sharia (Islamic law) on everyone. Maybe they will countenance the continued harassment and killing of the Coptic Christians. If it happens I guess I could change the name of my organization to “Social Networking Overthrowing Theocracy” or “Social Networking Overthrowing Thugs”.

Nuts. I just realized the Arab world is on fire in places like Bahrain, Syria, Iran all because information is flowing way too fast. Now maybe my organization is moot. I am so last week.


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