Thursday, January 27, 2011

It is a record upon creation.

Often I’m asked about what records to keep based on how they may play in court. Records are neither good nor bad. They simply document what happened. Make decisions about what to retain based on business need for them and legal requirements that tell you to retain them. In a recent revelation, the Catholic church disclosed there was a 1997 letter from the Vatican to the Irish bishops advising them to refrain from reporting all cases of sexual abuse of children to the police. For the church the record, now evidence, is painful. For the families seeking to get compensation for the molestation of their children, the record is manna from heaven.

A records is determined to be a record at the time of creation. Don’t anticipate its use down the road. Retain or not based on business use and legal mandate,PERIOD.

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pakurilecz said...

While I agree that the letter is a record, the impression you give is that the Vatican was suggesting that the Irish bishops not report the incident when in fact that is not the case
"The headline is, alas, completely inaccurate. Nowhere in the letter did the Vatican warn bishops not to report child abuse. Note there’s a difference between the headline and the first paragraph. The policy in question proposed mandatory reporting for any claim of abuse, substantiated or otherwise. Storero said that the congregation had serious concerns about that policy.

Even so, that was not the main point of the brief letter. The main point was that the Irish bishops needed to make sure that their policy was in line with canon law lest convictions get overturned on technicalities."