Monday, November 8, 2010

Protect it.

If your business is about information, there are way too many stories that tell you to manage it seriously and securely or you will pay the piper. Facebook has been under pressure for various privacy policy issues for a while. I guess it is their business to manage and display personal information of sorts, so dealing with privacy seems pretty predictable. And the story today in the Wall Street Journal about Facebook users information being taken by rogue Facebook IT professionals and sold to brokers also seems predictable. Information is valuable. To have it is good. Information is an asset. Information is worth money. So when thinking about how your organization manages its information ASSETS, think about who has access to various types of information and how that information can be absconded with and used to your detriment. Taking stuff of value is predictable. Not good and clearly bad but wholly predictable. No news to me. Expect places with lots of salable information to be a target everyday and protect it like it matters. Duh.

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