Monday, November 29, 2010

Information Storage Governance

You can store if you believe Wendy.

Attention all storage dudes and dudettes;

You can keep ALL your corporate data forever, park it anywhere, even “float” it on a “Cloud”, not worry about accessing or finding it again, and the world and mostly your business will be a beautiful and productive place. Try again Storage Wendy.

For our 10 Truism to decide your fate and this full blog please view it at:

So Wendy, do you still want to fly?

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Larry Medina said...

Another good piece, Mr. K... I hope you get people thinking about the roles they should be taking in this process.

And well, at least #1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 are "Truisms".

#2? Sure you can do it, but NOT without consequences =)

#5? IT needs to have a ROLE in the process, but the information belongs to the ORGANIZATION as an ASSET. IT may be responsible for it's custodianship (care and feeding), but not ownership.

#6? I can't think of enough published cases that has made them well enough aware of this to change their practices. Maybe 'carcasses need to be hoisted up on petards' and left on display to gain acceptance?

#10? Information that meets the organizational definition of a record, or is seen as an asset,should NOT be placed in a dump... I agree fully on this! But the decision to 'store' information is made by business, not IT. Greater efforts need to be made to inform employees about IG practices, once they are developed and employees should be held accountable for what they place in storage.

Thanks for making the neurons fire once again.