Friday, November 19, 2010

Information management matters.

Are you sitting in your cubicle trying to justify your job and get a little budget for next year? As you contemplate your future you go the place that is most familiar. You immediately think about how much your company could save by applying retention to the mass of boxes stored on-site and off-site and getting rid of the extra boxes. Don’t waste your time—that is not really what the guys and gals who run your business care about.

On a totally separate random note, I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning and saw an article entitled “Insurers Test Data Profiles To Identify Risky Clients.” It seem that life insurers are analyzing all the personal data being collected on-line and elsewhere to evaluate how long we will live. You see the whole life insurance business is tied to longevity. The longer we live, the more the life insurance company makes because we pay more premiums and they get to use our money longer before death.

Oh. So better information management matters. I see.

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