Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Global Warming Gate"

I have been telling my son, Dylan, for years that just because it’s getting hotter doesn’t mean we caused it. My position, I did not think we had enough data from far back enough to understand the cyclical nature of climate to know whether or not we are in a simple temperature cycle or if indeed man is causing the lion’s share of global temperature rising. Sure we impact the world, but is it the reason the temps appear to be going up. He was “taught” by his teachers that it was of course man’s fault. Be a critical thinker I said,“the ice cap covering much of north America melted in the Pleistocene era, thousands of years before cars were invented, so what was the cause?” Anyway, I have been watching as “Global Warming Gate” emerges. The 50,000 foot version of the story is that some scientists who seek to connect global warming with the actions of man have been busted with allegedly trying to fabricate better results to make their point. You may remember the email cache from the international organization that seems to suggest certain scientists hid data that may show global warming is not as bad as they would like us to believe or that man may not be causing it.

Based on “Global Warming Gate” (my term) a panel investigating the data fabrication issues this week, has recommended that UN climate folks have better ability to unearth data fabrications.

As you may recall, one of the “mistakes” from the agency reporting on global warming was that the Himalaya glaciers would melt by 2035. Now they apologize for the “mistake”.

Anyway, information matters. Good information matters more. Information in context is better still.

We live in an Information Nation. Actually, we live as one business community in an Information World.

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