Monday, August 2, 2010

Leaks happen. How do we stop them?

This week has been a bad one for the administration when it comes to information leaks. As they try to figure out who the data colander is and why he/she has exposed 90,000 classified documents about the Afghanistan war which may explain why it’s going so poorly, one needs to ask what can be done to stop such leaks.

Well the government had policy (in this case a really serious one) and the soldier with intelligence access didn’t follow it. Find him and fire him. Not strong enough. Find him and court martial him — same thing. We need it stronger so others don’t follow suit. OK, if we were in Iran what would they do — behead him? We are free not a Islamic totalitarian regime. Ok, what if we were in Russia - Gulag summer camp and Siberian Labor camp winter get away? Now that is better. But the American people won’t agree and maybe it's “Cruel and unusual punishment." Ok what if we were in France. They would make the leaker the president. Ok wrong location.
Ok, lets be America. But let’s find better ways to make our point to employees and make it stick. Lets realize that information flows and sometime out of the receptacle and we will need to deal with it.


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