Monday, July 12, 2010

Tell us about your RulesMapper

A client wants to get a better handle on the information assets they have. In the old days, RM consultants used to get their troops out to inventory the enterprise. Months later and buckets of dough later, there was a spread sheet of stuff that purports to be the records. We have changed all that as we wanted our clients to spend their money on making retention work not just knowing what they had. Along the way we developed RULESMAPPER-an information governance dashboard to do the whole records inventory process for way less money and way less time. As it turned out, RULESMAPPER is way better than we thought. Clients tell us all the time how they use RulesMapper for “mapping of sources lite”, private information management, etc.

Jeanne Caldwell (the brains behind RulesMapper) and I want hear from you about how you are using RuelsMapper and how we can make it better.


Randy Kahn

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