Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Call to Action

How do I know if records retention is working for my organization today? If employees are not applying the rules and getting rid of content — it is not working. If share drive environments grow unfettered then perhaps retention is not working. If IT systems are purged without regard to what’s in the computers then it's broken. But I already know it's broken. It is not working for most companies because the business world changed but the rules of records retention didn’t keep up with change. I am advocating for change.

In an IT-centric information governance world, you need to get real, real fast. If you think a set of retention rules that are event-based (don’t start to run until the happening of a future event) can work today with technology, I have another belief — it's too hard to build work flows for every future business event just to get rid of content. What that tells me is we should seek to have as few event based retention rules as possible. If employees aren’t doing retention as they are too busy already, then find another way.

Bottom line, I want to hear from you if you will work with me to change the industry. Are you in?

Randy Kahn

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