Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Randy’s Theory of Information Mismanagement-If at first you fail to do anything or do something albeit poorly, you will most certainly revisit your failings at the first smell of litigation or regulatory investigation.

Let apply this theory-

How about we start with the June 8 Wall Street Journal article entitled “Goldman Accused of Stalling By Panel”. It appears that the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission sent Goldman a subpoena. It also seems that maybe Goldman didn’t respond with needed documents in a timely fashion. So in a rush, Goldman chucked huge chunks of data over the fence to the agency. How much you ask? Well 5 terabytes. That is the equivalent of hundreds of millions of pages. Guess what the response was “we should not be forced to play ‘Where’s Waldo on behalf of the American people.' Ouch.

If electronic information is mismanaged upfront, finding it when you need to is a major headache—SEE GOLDMAN.

Spending a little money to get your house in order proactively may not take all the hurt out of finding Waldo, but it sure can help.

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