Friday, May 28, 2010

Proactive v. Reactive

We did a bunch of records and information management (RIM) consulting work for a big oil company a few years ago. The company was motivated to build a world class RIM program because they believed that could be significantly more productive “per well drilled” if they better managed their business information. In other words, they liked eating from the “carrot” jar when being motivated proactively to get serious about harnessing information.

There is another oil company right now battling in the gulf, battling regulators, battling wall street, battling bad PR, battling angry fisherman, battling angry citizens, battling a tourist industry, battling environmentalists, etc. I couldn’t help but think how records will play in resolving this problem which will go on for years — clean-up, new regulations, and lawsuits.

I also want to say that in the cloud of news media, which tends to focus on the gusher,from myself and the whole Kahn Consulting team, we are deeply sorry for the loss of life the tragedy has caused. Our hearts go out to you.

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nc said...

RK - So good to see you lending your intelligent voice to such an important issue and yes, the human loss is always the greatest issue and we all send up prayers for the families of the ones who lost their lives.

So from a social scientist we think that organizations can be motivated to do the right thing and if so what are the incentives? Does the "market" and financial gain dominate decision-making or are we reaching a new level in terms of social values? How can we exert pressure on organizations to think in green terms? How do realistically evaluate the toll of this recent calamity?

These are some of the questions that your commentary should give us all reason to pause and think about......can we afford more of these catastrophic environmental assaults? And yes....what about informatics and what the "records" will show us in the end?

Your friend in NY - NC