Monday, December 7, 2009

The Maturing RIM world

I have given a lot of thought about our maturing RIM world in the last few years. I have come to several conclusions that are worth sharing.

If companies have RIM policies that need to make them easier to use going forward.

If they don’t have policies—they may never bother with it as they may not see the value. RIM may not be for everyone even if the law requires records retention.

Discovery has forced so many companies to look inward to determine why it’s so darn expensive and burdensome to find and produce the e-evidence. The ones that are introspective realize proactive info management is central to minimizing discovery pain downstream. Over time expect more technology to come house to manage content for RIM and discovery.,

Employees don’t get their retention or discovery obligations and it may make sense to see if technology can be harnessed to do what employees can’t.

Information management will be a technology activity. IT executives, get ready for RIM to be your problem.

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