Monday, November 9, 2009

Will you have it when you need it?

I read a really interesting article which got me thinking about what I usually think about-- where are the records? “Doctor Can You See Me Now” in the October 20, 2009, Wall Street Journal. The article explored the use of video diagnostic equipment to augment care and treatment of patients by hooking doctors with specialties to remote emergency rooms far away to help consult on the ill. Great use of technology. But where are the records. Clearly the video interaction with the patient will be an important record in the patient’s medical file—but is it being retained. I had the same thought when companies use Indian off-shoring firms to do work for American companies. While off-shoring is less attractive these days with loads of Americans out of work, the question remains, when using a service provider for something your business would normally do, where are the records, who owns them, and will you have access to them when needed?

Don’t let time and dispute answer these questions. Deal with it upfront in contract and spare yourself a major headache.

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