Monday, October 12, 2009

The Ongoing Work of IMC (Key #7: Continuous Program Improvement) - Highlights of chapter 19 of the second edition of Information Nation

Every organization must strive to continually improve its Information Management program. Every program has flaws and weaknesses that need to be addressed. Every program goes out of date with current best practices, laws and technology unless it is continuously revised and revisited. Every program can be better.

Email is a technology used by virtually all businesses. Unfortunately, many organizations did not update their Information Management policies and procedures to account for the technology. As a result, an avalanche of court cases and legal actions related to the use and misuse of email began, and organizations were forced to retroactively change their Information Management practices. Many learned their lessons the hard way, feeling the pain of harassment lawsuits and mass employee terminations.

Which of the newer technologies appear to be taking a similar path? Read about them in the second edition of Information Nation, available from John W. Wiley & Sons. For more information, see

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