Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to Information Nation

Welcome to Information Nation, the blog on information management compliance by Kahn Consulting, Inc. Information Nation will present news and events happening in the legal, compliance, and policy arenas of information technology and information lifecycle management. Information Nation will focus on issues of interest to all executives and managers concerned about the impact of information on the enterprise. Topics such as information management policy development and implementation, records retention, compliance assessment, electronic discovery, and the proper role of technology in these areas are just a few of the subjects we plan to address.

The main contributors to Information Nation will be the professionals of Kahn Consulting, Inc.; professionals with years of experience assisting companies in harnessing their information assets and helping them maximize the value of those assets. The experts at KCI take a multidisciplinary approach—from legal, technological, records management, business, and compliance perspectives. You can expect to see posts covering all of these domains.

Our objective at Kahn Consulting is to provide value for all of our clients. Our objective for this blog is to provide value for you.

Thanks for being a citizen of Information Nation.


Randolph A. Kahn, ESQ.
President and Founder
Kahn Consulting, Inc.

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